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Company Overview

As a part of Clover4, WG-ID is a part of a business group which tackles every possible need of industrial laundries.

The combined experience of Textilligence (UHF RFID) and Wilgengroep (Industrial Laundry Logistics) makes of WG-ID a specialist in system integration.  WG-ID has its focus on connecting ERP & RFID technology with Laundry automation systems.

The future for laundries is having a perfect overview of every single piece of textile which enters and leaves the laundry. Laundries want to control their assets and costs. They want to measure, analyze and optimize their key performances.  

This all starts with information measurement. Information is already present in each laundry on ERP level, machine level etc. but this stand-alone information does not give a general overview. If these single information stations would be connected, information could be used for higher purpose, this we call ‘data fusion’.

Here is where WG-ID comes in. We focus on the integration of stand-alone information to create a more efficient and cost effective work area. We complete the puzzle so that you can have the bigger picture.   

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As a group, we can provide an all-round solution for any industrial laundry in the world. With this combined approach a synergy of data will be created, data that you never had before will now be at your service. We are convinced that our Clover4 will bring your laundry to the next level.

Need only 1 or 2 parts of our Clover4? Perfectly possible! Separately, each part can fulfill specific demands with a tailor-made solution.  

Our Services

Our Products

UHF Scanning Portals

Textilligence has invested heavily in R&D and has developed UHF scanning portals that enable the reading of large amounts of linen simultaneously.

Together with our engineering team, we have developed an innovative concept; a portal that can handle three different tasks. Scanning containers filled with clean linen, scanning large amounts of soiled linen and scanning boxes of new stock from suppliers. Thanks to our experience in this area, we have created a one-stop integrated solution, the UHF scanning portal.

What goes in…

A laundry needs to know the quantity of dirty linen coming in for production planning, prioritization and order generation. But, often the hospital or hotel wants to be able to check the laundry. Therefore, the production tracking cycle often starts with a portal at the customer’s site, followed up by a laundry based scan.

The correct positioning of these portals is vital to the success of the project as space is always at a premium and we all want to keep lean and smooth process flow.  The UHF Scanning Portals are designed to meet the size of most standard laundry containers but can be increased in size if needed.

…must come out

It is essential that on the out scan you only read the tags you want to read. For this reason, Textilligence has developed the out scan portal, equipped with additional side panels to maximize the ability to read densely packed tags and almost totally exclude the chance of reading stray tags from outside the portal. The location of this portal is vital as packing areas in laundries are renown for not having enough space.

Again, customers often want to check the laundry by scanning the work back in.  This can be achieved by a UHF Scanning Portal but is possible as well by our Smartphone App solution, which has other features such as on-site inventory checking.

The massive benefit of this is knowing how many items went to the customer, as well as knowing the unique identified ones. Imagine the importance of this fact.  This provides a wealth of new information such as the customer turnaround of a product, the laundries internal turnaround time, stock hoarding, stock life.

…and was it right?

One of the major advantages of using UHF RFID is that everyone is sure that no errors were made in counting or in entering data for the delivery notes. Allow technology avoiding the human error (and cost) from this. If the first 3 points of installing RFID are followed carefully, this count will be far more accurate than a manual count.  This advantage can be used by the laundry as a unique selling point.

UHF Reader Sets

Transport belt scanning

Employees of industrial laundries often see the work literally flying over their heads. Linen is transported by conveyor belts from one department to another and this makes it an ideal position for tracking. This set up requires a custom designed solution.

Textilligence has designed a scanner solution which reads the tags in the soiled items while they are being transported towards the washing machine, tunnel or sorting area. This scanner can be used as an additional reading station during the production process.  There are many advantages in having more than one scanner doing a task, reducing the potential for missed reads to a minimum and you can never have too much information (as long as the software manages the data overload).  This is often used as an alternative to the soiled linen portal scanner in pool stock laundries.  Since we know to whom the linen went out to, soiled counts can automatically be generated for the account and orders created without human intervention.

The key to success of this type of scanning is the configuration of the antennas. Fortunately, you can always count on the expertise of the Textilligence engineers.


Getting it right before it goes out reduces rework and customer complaints.  The Textilligence stack-check-scanner is designed to read all tags in a stack of linen after it has been folded and bundled. This beautiful piece of engineering enables you to verify whether all items have been bundled correctly, proactively correcting errors before the customer experiences them.

Clear view on the bag

The rail system storage bags in an industrial laundry are usually blue or white, but never transparent. Therefore, it is impossible to control the content of the bag from the outside. The rail system knows what group of items are in the bag but not the individual products.  To look through the bag, our linen bag scanners are just the trick – they scan a full laundry bag in just seconds.

Individually or by individual

If you link individual items to a wearer or customer, you can see their movement around the business. For this task an assign station is used. In these cases, scanning has to be achieved in a totally different way as only one or a few items are read at a short distance. This usually happens in the stockroom of a laundry. This requires a specific configuration to prevent unwanted items from being scanned.

About WG-ID

WG-ID is a joint venture of the highly recommended companies: Wilgengroep and Textilligence.
Both companies had originally incorporated a section ‘system integration’ of which the knowledge and know-how is now fully integrated in WG-ID.  This collaboration delivers the best expertise possible by focusing 100% on system integration.

Wilgengroep develops efficient logistics systems based on advanced overhead conveyor technology. For industry at large and for commercial laundry companies in particular. All over the world. Wilgengroep also provides controls for tunnel washers and dryers.

Textilligence specialist in developing, installing and maintaining turnkey UHF systems worldwide. With a proven range of standard portals and expertise in developing tailor made solutions, Textilligence has the equipment and experience to solve your tracking challenges. With our dedicated engineers implementing standard and bespoke solutions followed up by our service and support team, we are your one-stop-shop for all RFID tracking.

Our Partners

System integration is made possible true strong partnerships and professional collaborations. Our partnerships help to strengthen our knowledge and ensure our solutions are up to date with the latest industry trends, requirements and regulations. Together we serve you in the best way possible.

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